Pandor Bakery

Pandor Bakery

Pandor Boulangerie & Cafe offers the best breads, pastries, and french assortments for your breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner.

Client Needs

Pandor Bakery needed a reliable yet innovative web design team with effective social media marketing skills for their growing business. Their traditional website needed to be modernized with a clean fresh look that showcased their unique Artisanal Boulangerie & Cafe. The owner had many great ideas for a new Pandor Bakery website but was frustrated with the many disconnected ideas each had to offer. No one seemed to understand the owner's vision for simplicity yet capitvating design.

Process Step1

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What Was Done

Undertanding what the client wants and needs is what defines Charn Web Design from other companies. After meeting with the owner, our team was able to capture the vision of Pandor Bakery's new concept and combined parallax images with their unique menu items. Business boomed very quickly after the website was launched and everyone is enjoying the new Pandor Website with a fun, energetic video to follow. Social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube has created a signficant increase in business.

Services provided

  • Website Redesign
  • Joomla CMS Integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Photography Services
  • Promotional Videos
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Presence (Yelp)
  • Reputation Management
Process Step3

Process Step4


Total Project Time: 3 months

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