Web Developer & Coder

Problem Solver

Jonathan is passionate about usability and elegance in web design. With over five years experience developing websites for universities, nonprofits, startups, and small businesss, his skills are a valuable asset to the Charn Web Design team.

"My ultimate goal is to make things so reliable, intuitive, and maintainable that my current job becomes obsolete."

Jonathan's broad technical skills and unwavering attention to detail will ensure that your site weathers whatever problems your site may face in the future.


Jonathan's array of tehcnical skills include:

Expert Website Deisgn

Jonathan's technical expertise can help you develop the website of your dreams, provide solutions to any of your technical needs, maintain your site without headaches, and even train you to do run your own site if you want.

Latest Web Technologies

Jonathan has expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Joomla, WordPress, mobile touch design, Apple devices, and server-side programming.

Content Management Systems

Jonathan has lots of experience with Joomla and Wordpress, and can help you realize the site that you dream of, using the most advanced templates available.

End-To-End Web Development

Jonathan can design you a mobile-ready custom HTML website from scratch: from inital site organization, to rapid protoyping with wireframes and live mockups, to testing of your site as it goes online.

Technical Expertise

Jonathan's has years of experience in web deisgn, IT support, and technology training, so he can solve whatever problems your site may face in the future.

Technology Training

Jonathan is an experienced IT trainer, and will be happy to train you or your employees in basic website maintenance if desired, including Joomla and WordPress!


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