Animator, Video & Graphic Artist

Creative Producer

Katherine is our talented animator and creative producer of animated logos, commericals, and films. Her education and experience begins with a strong background in fine arts and an alumni of the Character Animation program at California Institute of the Arts. She has already numerous free lance projects with major production companies such as Nickelodeon, Disney, and many others. Her creative juice flows through her imaginative mind and is evident in her amazing artwork pieces and many films produced.

"Every part of production from concept to design supports the story you are telling."

Katherine's asset for web design include animated logos, logo design, commercial animation for video marketing or full width videos on the homepages of many websites. She over qualified to produce fine graphic designs and any other marketing materials needed to your company.


Katherine's array of tehcnical skills include:

Graphic Visual Development

Katherine's color expertise, striking visual aesthetics and keen eye for design will help bring the design and layouts of your websites to a whole new level.

Videography and Animations

Katherine's skills in Adobe After Effects, TVPaint, Final Cut Pro, Maya, Avid Pro Tools, and Flash will allow you to bring professional animations, marketing and video presentations to your website.

Graphic, Image and logo Design

Katherine's professional expertise with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop will bring your graphics and logos to life. Her experience in background design, character design, and color stylist makes her very qualified to create all types of imaginative creations.

Custom Animations

Katherine's can design impressive short custom animations for your company presentations and video clips. Her recent works include Bento Box Entertainment for Legend Productions (2015) and Shadow Machine by Bojack Horseman.


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