Videographer, Media Producer

Media Creator

Marci is involved in a wide variety of video projects ranging from promotional product and services to music videos and video training series. She believes that the quality of a media project begins with thorough planning from beginning to completion, and she is involved in the whole process.

"Being part of the whole creative process and bringing alive the ideas and thoughts of people into a powerful and impactful production is exhiliarating."

Marci's offers high quality video production services and enjoys video marketing, graphic design and photography/head shots to its services. Currently, Marci enjoys creating videos for several local business to add to their Yelp webpage and numerous websites.


Marci's array of technical skills include:

Breathe Life into your Business

Marci's technical expertise can help you make your website or business come alive with video productions, video marketing, and video testimonials or profiles to give you that extra competitive edge.

Latest Video Technologies

Marci has experience in all type of video editing software, filming styles, and video production systems that will bring your videos to another level.

Music Videos that Rock

Marci's experience with many musicians and artists, producing fun exciting music videos is definitely a plus. Her complete understanding of sound production with video production allows her to offer the full experience.

Film Editing

It goes without notice that Marci's has film editing skills that allow her to make short previews and capture the essence of what needs to be shown to engage the audience and introduce an upcoming film or event.

Technical Expertise

Marci has years of experience in making sure that all the aspects of video editing and production is understood. She is able to adjust the timing, presentation, transition, layering and control all aspects with her technical expertise.

Project Libarary

Marci's project libary include speaking engagments, video training seminars, weddings, commercial/promotional small business videos, and music videos as well as short film production.


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