Photographer & Graphic Artist

Photographer | Graphic Artist

Svetlana is an extremely talented professional photography and an adventurist. She understands her client's vision and enjoys all types of photography. Whether it be for product photography or event photography, her undertanding of light and balance makes her an ideal photograhy for all occasions. Having done an extensive traveling tour of the world, Svetlana has been many beautiful places and loves architecture. The shapes and details of buildings always seem to amaze her. People and their expressions are captured at the right moment which makes Svetlana's images very candid and natural.

"Life is just like a camera. Focus on what's important. Develop from the negatives and if things don't turn out, take another."

Svetlana's skills includes product photography, profile photography, event photography, and candid photography. Here photo editing skills are hardly ever necessary but if needed she can make any perfect shot even better.


Svetlana's impressive array of talents include:

Commercial Photography

Svetlana's photographic expertise will capture the essence of your business. Her skills in professional masking and product enhancement will help your products shine on e-commerce websites.


Svetlana can create short, light commerical videos of your business to help you stand out online.

Image Manipulation

From basic image correction to special effects, Svetlana's skills with Photoshop and Lightroom make every image striking.

Logo Design

Svetlana's work encompass all aspects of logo design, from watermark application to typography.

Graphic Design

Svetlana's skills in Adobe Illustrator and CAD will help you add professional, eye-opening graphics, banners, and charts of all types to your site.


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